A casino is a place where people gamble and play games of chance. Some casinos are themed to look like old world castles, while others are more modern and flashy. People gamble by placing bets on the outcome of events in the game, and the casino takes a percentage of the money that is wagered. This percentage is called the house edge. Casinos often give away complimentary items to players, known as comps. These can include food, drinks, hotel rooms, show tickets and even airline tickets to big spenders.

Something about gambling (probably the presence of large amounts of money) seems to encourage some patrons to cheat or steal, either in collusion with other patrons or on their own. As a result, casinos invest a great deal of time and effort into security measures. Most casinos have cameras located throughout the facility to help deter crime. Employees also watch over the patrons to make sure that no one is stealing chips, hiding cards or manipulating the game.

Whether you enjoy playing online or in the real world, this casino offers a wide variety of slot and table games to suit any taste and bankroll. It is a member of the reputable Microgaming software network and has been in operation since 1999. Its website features a number of promotional offers including the Welcome Bonus, where new members can receive up to $3,000 over their first 10 deposits. It is a popular choice for Canadian online casino players.