If two players have the same high and low hand, each player gets an even chip. When a tie occurs, the pot will be split as equally as possible. The highest-ranked card in the suit of the other player receives the odd chip. This rule is the same for both high and low-hands. Here are some tips to help you win at Poker. Listed below are the most important things you should know before you play Poker.

The first thing you need to know about Poker rules is how it works. Basically, a hand of five cards is called a “poker hand” and its value is directly proportional to its mathematical frequency. A player may bet based on his own hand and win, or they may bluff and make an incorrect bet. In either case, the player with the better hand wins. It’s a game of strategy, not luck.

A poker hand has a rank, and a pair is the best possible hand at a given moment. When the turn and river come, a player’s hand is considered “nuts.” In this case, the player with the better hand has a considerable statistical advantage. This makes it difficult for anyone to beat the best hand. If you are confident in your poker skills, however, there are a variety of different ways to win the game.

In some poker games, the first player to act is the “dealer.” This is the person who makes the first bet. The other players are called “ante” players. The player who makes the first bet is the “active player.”